Thursday, 4 July 2013

Western Conspiracism

One topic that is of particular interest vis a vis the politics of Utopia and Dystopia, and its relation to the occult, that is to say, to magic, is what I will term ‘western conspiracism’, a particular term that I use in reference to the body of study that has been termed ‘western esotericism’, of which conspiracism is, in many ways, a subset.

Western conspiracism is a diverse body of beliefs, propagated through a vast corpus of books, films, websites, television and radio programs, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, lecture tours and pretty much every other potential medium available to it. It is broadly Christian in character, manichean in worldview and paranoid in style. It has a long intellectual history rooted in medieval anti-Semitism and witchcraft panics, and in the traditionalist fringe of the counter-enlightenment. It concerns itself with a huge array of topics that includes, but is not limited to:
  • The hidden influence and agendas of secret societies, either real or imagined.
  • The existence of concealed ‘over-governments’ that secretly administrate the world, often with an occult character.
  • The existence of secret cults, including many prominent figures, that hold Satanic or Luciferian beliefs, and diabolical rituals (including human sacrifice, child abuse etc.) associated with these cults.
  • Monetary and banking conspiracies, often involving the secret ownership of organisations (including whole governments) by banks, often including explicitly or implicitly anti-Semitic overtones.
  • Hidden messages embedded in films, music, television etc. that reveal the nature of the conspiracy and/or exert subliminal control over the audience through scientific or occult means.
  • The falsified nature of various historical events, including the staging of fake space operations, ‘false-flag’ terrorist attacks, etc.
  • Concealed histories involving hidden artifacts, occult knowledge, sunken continents, notable figures, secret societies and so forth, with clues embedded in famous works of art, architecture and so on.
  • The secret poisoning or sedation of the population through fluoride, food additives, chemicals sprayed from aeroplanes, or other means.
  • The existence of concerted programs to suppress widespread knowledge of important scientific breakthroughs in areas such as alternative medicine, free energy, anti-gravity etc.
  • The secret assassination of prominent figures or of supposed whistle-blowers by shadowy governmental or by the over-government.
  • The origins, meaning and purpose of UFOs and the degree of official knowledge thereof (including phenomena such as alien abductions, crop circles, ancient astronauts etc.)